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Facebook app

Vote your favourite Vincent

In the run-up to the Van Gogh Museum’s temporary move to the Hermitage Amsterdam people could vote for their favourite work by Van Gogh, with a chance to win a prize, through the Facebook app Vote for your favourite Vincent. This voting app, launched on 20 August, combined its competition element with a sneak preview of the collection that would be on display in the Hermitage Amsterdam.

In late September the museum opened its presentation Vincent.The Van Gogh Museum in the Hermitage Amsterdam. This was divided into seven themes, as was the Facebook action which lasted seven weeks and highlighted a new theme from the presentation and its associated works every week.

The many reactions from those participating in the action revealed that people all over the world are moved by Van Gogh and his work. For seven weeks everyone logged into Facebook could add their story to a painting or drawing through Vote for your favourite Vincent.